What is an Exhibit 10 contract in the NBA? A Guide for NBA Fans


In the NBA there are various kinds of contracts which ranges from ten days to guaranteed contracts. For undrafted free agents, there are different kinds of contracts available which Exhibit 10 is something new. In this article, we will dive deep into the information about the Exhibit 10 contract. 

What is an Exhibit 10 contract?

An Exhibit 10 contract is a one-year, with no other bonuses minimum salary contract. This deal comes with a particular Exhibit 10 attached to it. After both sides have agreed to it, this attachment is included in the contract. 

To convert into a two-way deal, an Exhibit 10 contract provides franchise flexibility. Before the commencement of the season, the teams have to make sure of it. Exhibit 10 deals allow teams to waive the player without taking a cap hit because they are usually non-guaranteed. 

Exhibit 10 Contract Signings And Salary

Exhibit 10 Contract Signings And Salary

Players that are on the Exhibit 10 contract deal with particular teams, then they can also join the training camp of the franchise. If they remain with the team’s G League affiliate for 60 days, then the player would earn a bonus of between $5,000 to $50,000. For NBA teams, signing a basketball player for an Exhibit 10 contract works out well. If they play well, the teams cut them and include them in the roster. 

In the last offseason, Miami Heat did something by signing Max Strus to a two-way contract after he impressed the staff with the limited time he got in the training too. With Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, the New York also did the same thing some time back. 

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Exhibit 10 Contracted Players

Exhibit 10 Contracted Players

Let’s have a look at some of the Exhibit 10 contracted players. 

  • F Drew Timme (Gonzaga)- Milwaukee Bucks
  • G Antoine Davis (Detroit Mercy)- Portland Trail Blazers
  • G Markquis Nowell (Kansas State)- Toronto Raptors
  • G Malachi Smith (Gonzaga)- Portland Trail Blazers
  • F Drew Peterson (USC)- Miami Heat
  • F Alex Fudge (Florida)- LA Lakers
  • G Justin Powell (Washington State)- Miami Heat

For a player trying to get into the NBA team, an Exhibit 10 contract will work out well for them also. This type of contract provides players the chance to impress the franchise and get into the roster. To prove their worth, Exhibit 10 contract offers athletes a very lucrative option.

Sohel Ansari
Sohel Ansari
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