Jimbo Fisher’s Wife: Courtney Harrison Fisher and His Second Marriage


Jimbo Fisher, the regarded football coach is not a master of the game but also possesses a remarkable ability to navigate matters of the heart. This captivating narrative delves into the life of Courtney Harrison Fisher, the woman who captured Jimbo’s affections in his marriage.

Their love story unfolds with all its twists and turns offering us a glimpse, into the life of a well-known public figure. Join us as we embark on this journey through the lives of Jimbo Fisher and his wife, Courtney Harrison Fisher. A tale that encompasses love, resilience, and the power of chances.

Who is Courtney Harrison Fishers: Jimbo Fisher’s Second Wife

Jimbo Fisher's Wife, Courtney Harrison Fisher

Courtney Harrison Fisher happens to be the wife of Jimbo Fisher, who serves as the head coach, for the Texas A&M Aggies football team. As a financial advisor and disability insurance professional Courtney boasts more than 13 years of experience in the industry. She is a graduate of Florida State University well.

Not only does Courtney display unwavering support for her husband Jimbo and the Aggies during football games. She also serves as an inspiring role model for young women. Her success, in her career showcases that it is indeed possible to excel while being a supportive spouse.

Courtney Harrison Fisher Career

Courtney Harrison is an accomplished advisor who currently works as a financial representative, at North Florida Financial. Aside from her position she also holds a role at Disability Insurance, where she leads a team of professionals and helps clients with their insurance requirements.

With over 13 years of experience in the industry, Courtney has shown expertise in licenses such as Series 6 7, and 63. Her outstanding work has gained recognition from organizations like the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA). Apart from her accomplishments, Courtney is also praised for being the supportive wife of Jimbo Fisher even, amidst the demands of his high-profile career.

Courtney Harrison Fisher’s Net Worth

Courtney Harrison Fisher has a worth ranging from $1 to $2 million. It’s important to note that her wealth is not derived from her husband, Jimbo Fisher as Courtney is an industrious woman, in her own right. She has gained respect and recognition in the realm of management, through her dedication and perseverance which ultimately led to her achieving millionaire status.

How did Courtney and Jimbo first meet

Jimbo Fisher and Courtney Harrison first met in 2016 when he was coaching at Florida State University. Although the rest of their story remains a mystery it is widely speculated that they were immediately drawn to each other.

In addition, to being a high school cheerleader Courtney is known for her beauty while Jimbo is admired for his passion, his work, and his sense of humor.


Jimbo introduced Courtney to his family and children in 2017. His kids and family adored Courtney leading them to get married in 2020. Due, to the prevailing pandemic their wedding was an affair, with a number of attendees instead of being star-studded or extravagant. 

Jimbo Fisher and Courtney Harrison Kids

Jimbo Fisher Family Courtney Harrison and Kids

Jimbo Fisher and Courtney Harrison Fisher do not have any kids together. Jimbo has two sons, Trey and Ethan from his marriage to Candi Fisher. Courtney has a son named Keller from a relationship.

Jimbo and Courtney have created a family. They share a strong bond. They frequently go on trips. Enjoy quality time together as one united family unit.

Courtney continues to excel as an advisor and specialist receiving praise for her expertise. In addition, she frequently attends Texas A&M Aggies matches displaying her support, for her husband and his team.

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